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New album: ‘Wind at Mount Elo’ by Ataraxia

We’ve waited too long for this album by Ataraxia and after the slight disappointment that the album/soundtrack ‘Spasms‘ offered, ‘Wind at Mount Elo‘ is expected to live up to our high hopes. After all Ataraxia is a music band with 21 years of history and a unique way of producing and performing ethereal, dark conceptual music. Francesca Nicoli is one of my favourite female singers and along with Diamanda Galas and Lisa Gerrard i think that she has a unique way of touching chords of our souls which nobody might have the chance or the ability to stimulate. A full album review will follow soon. The text below is the official press release from the band:



On a day of Winter 2012, Springtime came.
At Mount Elo.
With the Wind.
Warm. Powerful. Radical.
When the wind of change comes and we are at the right moment in the right place, we strip down to the bones in a breath and rise like a perfume detaching from things.
Abruptly, our stomach is relieved so that we can feel like a part of the horizon.
“The new album will be called Wind at Mount Elo and when it’s out, bringing its breath out of us, we will be free”!
It’s two years and a half of our intimate life, the thick one inside each of us. It’s an album made of blood, nerves ans liver, come down to the underworld and come up again stuck to our flesh.
Lucid beginning of change. We celebrate this moment to the fullest.
As a primigenial act.
Music is born from the wild motion of the wind!

Blaue Rosen box

Xiu Xiu live in London 21-22 May 2014

Xiu Xiu is not your average post punk/experimental band. They belong to the wider post punk scene but they actually create a music genre of their own. The band started in 2002 from San Jose in California and Angela Seo has joined Jamie Stewart in 2009. 

Last year Xiu Xiu played at Koko as the support band for Swans during ‘Mouth to Mouth’ mini festival which was curated by Michael Gira. During this live performance Jamie Stewart offered a rather acoustic set and the setlist included revisions of older country/gospel songs. This year, having already released two aesthetically opposite albums, the electrifying ‘Angel Guts: Red Classroom‘ and the more melodical/acoustic/country ‘Unclouded Sky‘, they are visiting London for two shows at Birthdays in Stoke Newington. On the 21st James Blackshaw will be the support band while on the 22nd Blood Music will be on stage before Xiu Xiu.

If you think that the band’s last two albums replicate the dark theatrical, amelodical and jazz atmosphere of ‘Nina’ then I can assure you that this is not the case. Judging by the electrifying atmosphere, the dynamic beats and the domination of samples and synth sounds in ‘Angel Guts: Red Classroom‘, it is expected that these concerts will be the complete opposite of the one in Koko a year ago. Even if part of the setlist is dedicated to the slower in terms of rhythms, ‘Unclouded Sky‘, Jamie Stewart has a unique performing style of varied dynamics which can cover a wide range of music styles and can create very interesting soundscapes. This year’s releases make reference not only to the new wave scene but also to noise aesthetics as well as to country songs of the 1960s so one thing is sure, that all of us should be there to enjoy the live performances!Tickets can be purchased from here:


Blaue Rosen box

New 7” single from The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon is a fresh band from San Francisco with two full length albums, tracks of which always electrify the atmosphere on the dance floors of dark alternative clubs. Using artwork and visuals which are strongly influenced by Bauhaus and Dada movements, Luis Vasquez‘s band is considered to be part of the post punk revival trend in music. The band has combined post punk aesthetics with  old school industrial rhythms, undefined and psychedelic vocals and a general post apocalyptic feel and in this way The Soft Moon has broken the direct links with the post punk scene offering a unique sound.

The latest self released musical statement, comes in the form of a 7” EP called ‘Feel‘ and you can purchase it in LP or cassette format from the official store of The Soft Moon here:

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“Psychostasia: The Performance” by Daemonia Nymphe

Daemonia Nymphe is a Greek band created by Spyros and Pandelis Giasafakis in 1994 and since then, they have inspired their audience in Europe incessantly, by offering a unique combination of strong and dynamic melodies, interesting rhythmic and stylistic alterations within their compositions as well as unforgettable live performances. Daemonia Nymphe are collaborating with a dexterous manufacturer of traditional music instruments in Greece, Nikolaos Brass, who is providing them  with hand made ancient greek instruments which are resurrected through the band’s music. Thus the band is offering a unique experience to their audiences to see and listen to these instruments on stage. To those of you who will listen to this band for the first time, I can only say that the sound  is unique, drawing inspiration from  traditional greek music, world, eastern and balkan music traditions and creating an original sound with unending inspiration with the contribution of various collaborators throughout their career. Having attended recently an inspiring, and utterly interesting live performance at The Lexington of London (live review will follow soon) of this ethereal/ethnic/traditional but overall authentic band, Daemonia Nymphe, I would like to encourage all of you to attend ‘Psychostasia: The Performance’ on 23/3/14 at Riverside Studios in London.

The text below is the official press release.

Blaue Rosenbox

Daemonia Nymphe and Theatre Lab Company present “Psychostasia: The Performance” 2014 23 March 2014 @ 8pm, Riverside studios/ Crisp Rd,Hammersmith, London, W6 9RL

More info: Daemonia Nymphe and Theatre Lab Company present “Psychostasia: The Performance” 2014 23 March 2014 @ 8pm, Riverside studios/ Crisp Rd,Hammersmith, London, W6 9RL Based on Daemonia Nymphe’s latest opus ‘Psychostasia’ Directed by Anastasia Revi Illusions, reality and myth mingle in this enchanting labyrinth of stories, dreams and emotions … Zephyrus, the God of the West wakes up whispering. The girl who wanders in chaos finds herself dancing on the sea waves. The moon turns the fairies lunatic. And the twin brothers, Sleep and Death, play with minds and souls in this charming and shimmering universe of music, movement and image.

Haunting music, surreal figures, evening rituals and bewitching ancient dances create an alternative universe of magic.

A unique collaboration between Daemonia Nymphe and Theatre Lab Company where music, visuals and dance performance creates an illusion dreamwork that becomes the journey of psyche … Psyche /ˈsaɪki/ : the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

The music: Daemonia Nymphe The director: Anastasia Revi The lighting designer: Yiannis Katsaris The performers: Evi Stergiou, Spyros Giasafakis, Denise Moreno, Matthew Wade, Vanio Papadelli, Marco Nanetti, Sile Gutrod, Stephen Street Hair stylist: Chrysostomos Chamalidis Sound assistant: Babis Tsekis Reproductions of ancient Greek instruments: Nikolaos Brass


“The performance is accompanied throughout by fantastic compositions from Daemonia Nymphe, a two person musical group who play a blend of traditional and more recognisable instruments. The music moves between providing a moody background to taking centre stage with songs sung ensemble by the ‘Greek chorus’, an impressive contemporary take on the ancient practice of singing and dancing through much of the drama” Medea -Plays to see

“I cannot end without praising Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou for the hauntingly beautiful music performed on reproductions of ancient Greek instruments” Medea-Everything Theatre

Anastasia Revi’s expressive company generates great energy, led musically by Evi Stergiou and Spyros Giasafakis. It is the way all of their individual contributions contrast or blend together that makes this work so continually engaging. Psychostasia – British Theatre Guide

Daemonia Nymphe has a unique brand of Greek-inspired folk music. Mostly playful and floaty, the acoustic songs are beautifully fragile … this show feels like a strange dream where a Venetian ball meets pagan rituals. Psychostasia – Everything Theatre

”With a gravel floor, wooden chairs and a pale raised walkway, the set is as stark as the story. It is further complimented by live music composed by Daemonia Nymphe and performed by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou. These haunting tones underpin many of the scenes and further add to the melancholy of the piece.” Medea -What’s Peen Seen

Daemonia Nymphe (Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou) is an ethereal world music ensemble, the first artists worldwide to compose and perform improvisations with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments manufactured by Nikolaos Brass. Credits include: ten albums on labels of several nationalities (German, Italian French), live performances in in Austria, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Greece (headliners in Wave Gotik Treffen Germany, Ethereal Fest Spain, Caivano Arte fest Italy, invited at Psalm/Styriarte Festival Austria,Exhibition Road fest UK), music composition for short films, documentaries (Treasures of Athens and Olympia/channel 5), theatre(Theatre Lab Company) and stand-up comedies (Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short Broadway, New York),singing contribution(with LBC) to Neil Davidge’s (Massive Attack) score for the game ‘Halo’ 4, collaboration with international musicians Peter Ulrich (ex-Dead Can Dance), Dessislava Stefanova (London Bulgarian Choir), Psarantonis, Dimitra Galani and Louisa John Krol among others, and compilations by European and International labels which include songs by Daemonia Nymphe along with tracks by Lisa Gerrard, Loreena McKennitt, Ladytron and many others.


Theatre Lab Company (TLC) is a London based international company with a reputation for mesmerizing theatrical imagery, physical theatre and devised experimental work. Words, music, images and movement are brought together to create dynamic theatre that crosses the boundaries of culture, language, taboo and medium.


Approximate running time: 55m


Suitable for all ages.


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